HOAA Education Center is a design and artistic education institution attached to Milan International HOAA Art Design Group. It is committed to fully enhancing China’s competitiveness in design, art, education and exhibition, promoting China-European cultural exchange, and establishing an international professional education service platform by combining Europe's high level design, artistic, education and exhibition resources.


Operation Philosophy of Education Center


Development from Europe to the world

By relying on profound cultural deposits in China and Europe, it builds a global education service platform in cooperation with international well-known designers/artists, universities, firms, enterprises and institutions.


Guidance from masters and professional institutions

It gathers global famous designers/artists, universities, firms, enterprises and organizations, has access to Europe's superior resources through professional courses/study tours/lectures, and deeply learn Europe's advanced concepts, so as to comprehensively enhance design, art, education and exhibition levels, and rebuilt the craftsmanship spirit.


Spread of artistic education to countryside

With HOAA Education Foundation as the medium, it establishes a art education system for children in cooperation with global organizations, institutions and individuals committed to childrens’ welfare. Besides, it gathers global resources to bring art to the countryside, and creates an environment for fair artistic education, so as to let every children to have a fair opportunity to enjoy artistic education.


International Courses

By combining with Europe's excellent design or art colleges, firms, famous designers or artists, design brands and other partners, it provides students of various Chinese art and design colleges, design companies, individuals and organizations with customized professional international courses and study tour routes.

International courses are committed to enhance relevant skills and thinking of designers, artists and students. According to customer demands, it helps them to contact various design or art institutions, colleges, professors, designers and artists in Europe, and establish professional curricula.

Study tours are oriented to various practitioners and enthusiasts in design and art majors, meet customer demands in learning, study and exchange, and provide them with complete, flexible and professional customized schemes.

European design practice course

European art experience course

European handicraft training camp

Italian youth training camp

Italian art study course

Italian design skill course

International Courses​​

Istituto Europeo di Design​

Associazione per Il

Disegno Industriale​

Domus Academy​

Fondazione Il Bisonte​

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