Milan International Design Center (abbreviation is Design center) is attached to to the Design & Art Creation Service Center of HOAA and located in the northeast of Bovisa Campus of  Politecnico di Milano, Design Center will serve as one of design bases around Bovisa Campus.


Design Center will take advantage of local design resources and technical strengths in Milan to attract more and more design talents in Italy and other countries and provide them with quality resources and broad platform to help architects, designers and artists gather resources and build art & design industry chain.


Moreover, HOAA sincerely invites the art or design studios, firms and independent entrepreneurial artists and designers to HOAA Designer club at HOAA Headquarters to build the design frontier together. HOAA will open all its resources including domestic and foreign markets, technical teams, exhibition information and so on to all institutions and individuals in HOAA Designer club with an aim to realize mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.


Design Center joins hands with HOAA Designer club to provide online design services for artistic design in various directions including architectural design, interior design, landscape design and costume design in order to build a Milan-based online design platform covering the globe and serving the world.

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Cooperative Organization​​

China Furniture & Decoration Chamber of Commerce​

Baiyi Cultural Development Co., Ltd. (Baiyi Parkson)​

Huaxun Taste Decoration Company​

Comitato Organizzatore del Salone del Mobile Italiano(COSMIT)

Stone Academy( Società italiana della progettazione dell'architettura di pietra)​