The room expansion of the expositive space keeps a dire relation with the values that qualify and
characterize the private environment, where the house, with its inviting intimacy, plays the role of
attendance of art. There is no division between the aesthetic function of the art gallery and the
everyday life place, but there is a constant research of the union of the experiencing of beauty and
pleasure and of the interest founded on cultural confrontation. Collecting becomes the actor of the
galley-space, the representative of every expositive event, guest and friend, beneficiary and judge
of the dialogue between artworks, design products, in the reserved relationship with an artist book,
with a precious cycle of papers, in the dialogue with the sculpture materials, in relation to the
technology of communication. The program and the projects, their linguistic internationality,

inter-generationality and interdisciplinarity inspire a new culture of art for a new kind of collecting​.






Young Artists | 青年艺术家

Academy | 学院

Curated by Andrea B. del Guercio

Curated by Luming Zang

Curated by Carolina Cristino

Great Masters | 知名艺术家