House of Art & Artists S.R.L, is called “HOAA国际” for short in Chinese and “HOAA” in English.


Initiated by Yu Jinggan (Yugong), academician of United Nations Academy of Ecological and Life Science and a merit designer of China, HOAA is funded and established by China Jiangxi Yiou Culture Development Co., Ltd. and headquartered in Milan——the design and fashion capital of the world.


Located in the center of BOVISA, Milan, Lombardy, Italy. HOAA International Headquarter Building  covers an usable floor area of more than 4,000㎡, and is expected to be a landmark of art & design in this area upon its completion.


Centering on design, education and exhibition; we have professional departments of“Milan HOAA International Design Center”, “Milan HOAA International Education Center” and “Milan HOAA International Exhibition Center” as its operation direction, HOAA is devoted to bring Chinese art & design to the world, and introduce the valuable resources of the world to China, with an aim to build an art & design as the center, international resource and service platform and forge a special exhibition and pioneering platform  for Chinese designers and artists.


Moreover, HOAA also has unremitting pursuit in academic field, and has brought Great Beauty Magazine under its flagship to forge the magazine into an authoritative art journey with depth and contents and a powerful media of art exchanges between the East and the West.


HOAA has also focused on promoting the development  of public welfare undertakings and, with an aim to “help the children worldwide grow up in a good artistic atmosphere and thus accept a better education education”, so we has established the “Grand Earth International Country & Children Art Education Foundation”(GEICA Foundation) to let more gifted children have the chance to become the talents of art, design and especially rural architecture in real sense.


“Let Art & Design Walk into Every Home” has always been the vision of HOAA. Rooted in the fertile breeding ground for art & design in Europe, all HOAA people will adhere on the spirit of “art  practice” and the tenet of “public welfare promotes the development of global art & design undertakings” to constantly draw, accumulate and innovate ideas to forge HOAA into a world-class company, and finally achieve the goal of “Art & Design in Every Home”.

House of Art & Artists S.R.L​​

HOAA runs multiple businesses and also gets support from the businesses and services of affiliated companies in business ecosystem. HOAA’s businesses and affiliated companies include:



Attached to HOAA’s Art & Design Education Platform;

Operation direction: Milan HOAA International Education Center, Great Beauty Magazine;

The main projects: art & design study tour, master class live-broadcast, art & design interviews and so on.



Attached to HOAA’s Art & Design Incubator Platform;

Operation direction: Milan HOAA International Design Center, HOAA Designer Building, HOAA Designer Club and so on;

The main projects: domestic design project, online design service, venture space sharing, youth designer cultivation plan and so on.



Attached to HOAA’s Art & Design Exhibition Platform;

Operation direction: Milan HOAA International Exhibition Center, HOAA Artists Club, personal art galleries of one hundred artists, and so on;

The main projects: art or design exhibitions, venue supply and so on.

Business Line

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