Star Project - Art Performance and Workshop Event​​ 


Between July 15 and 16, 2017, 86 Exhibition Center and performance artist Shaozi jointly held a performance art-based workshop activity entitled “Drift of Star”, which was a warm-up for the 7th Lushan International Watercolor Art Festival.


Star Project was intended to “convey” the process, but not pursuing the outcome from the very beginning. Without imagining aether, you and I are natural lives, and our existence is inseparable from water, fire and soil.


The star that makes the drift meaningful is our medium. With the help of water, she would return to nature, perhaps going farther and farther. And no matter what the outcome, we would not know that it's just a drifting dream from the very beginning.


If you could understand this, you would naturally understand the meaning. In fact, it is demonstrated more as personal behaviours. We, as individuals, choose to correlate with the nature, resulting in the in-depth and continuous ties between humans and the nature. The action of “conveying” itself is enough to make us return to the nature.