Milan HOAA International Art Design Group Founding Conference and First Board Meeting

Jointly initiated by Yu Jinggan (Yugong), Xia Zhenhua, Liu Xiaoping and many other entrepreneurs, design artists and professors, and invested by Jiangxi Yi’ou Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Milan HOAA International Art Design Group held its founding conference grandly held in Guangzhou on the morning of December 18, 2016,


At the beginning of the conference, Xie Xin, Secretary-general of the Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Decoration Industry of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Huang Ping, Director of Xihai Education Group, delivered the opening speech. Secretary-General Xie Xin pointed out that the founding of “HOAA International” meant a fundamental step forward in raising the standard of interior design in China and expressed his full support and dedication for the founding of “HOAA International” on behalf of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. Director Huang Ping congratulated on the founding on behalf of the Xihai Education Group and pointed out that the founding of “HOAA International” was a mark that  the undertaking of Yugong had been raised to a new level and an impetus for China's decorative culture to go worldwide.


At the meeting, all well-known entrepreneurs, educators and artists conducted fierce discussions and delivered speeches with great passion on business ideas, objectives and philosophy of “HOAA International” as well as operations of major divisions of the Group.


Among them, Yugong elaborated his expectation on the founding of “HOAA International” from the perspective of national art education, i.e, to let every artist have a museum of art and every child can be soaked in art atmosphere from an early age. He believed that the power of art could improve the quality of a country’s nationals, and the founding of HOAA Group was just the beginning of upgrading the decoration industry in art, internationalization and design creation. In addition, he said HOAA International’s Children’s Art Education Foundation and Rural Architecture Design Education Foundation will especially focus on children’s art education of and the construction of rural living environment so as to reduce the number of patients suffering from depression and enable art to truly support national spirit. At the same time, “HOAA International” will serve as new name card (design creation and art) for China.”