Lushan International Watercolour Festival European Tour - Fabirano​

After the exchanges in Mondovì between Milan HOAA International Group team led by President Tang and  artist Mr. Roberto Andreoli who had attended the 6th Lushan International Watercolour Festival, Lushan International Watercolour Festival European Tour begun following the festival. Tang Liang, Chinese artist and President of Milan HOAA International Group, Liu Bo, Executive Director of Milan HOAA International, Wang Lizhang, Project Leader of the 6th Lushan International Watercolour Art Festival, An Ran, Zhang Jing, Chen Shufan and Beatrice Franchini, member of elite team of Milan HOAA International and Gao Weiming, Art Director of New Chinese Journal carried out a three-day in-depth cooperation talks with Milan HOAA International Group under the organisation of Anna Massinissa, President of Fabriano In Acquarello International Watercolour Association, and a solo exhibition of works of Tang Liang was organized.


Fabrizano Mayor Cabriel Santaréri, Fabriano Department of Culture Representative Ilaria Vinazzini, Istocarta Foundation Museum Head Nevada Fognini; Fabriano In Acquarello Association President and head of the International Watercolour Museum Anna Massnissa; artist and Fabriano In Acquarello leader, Gabriele Mazzara, Moscatelli Clan Enestor Moscatolli, artist and one of the directors of Ferrara carnet di viaggio Shillervaya Carriàli, artist and Fabriano In Acquarello leader Maximiliano Roque, artist Uttarak Kulmakar and Rotary International Chairman Mikola Nino and friends from all walks of life loving art attended the exchange activities.


On September 15, the HOAA international team arrived in Fabriano and was greeted by Gabriele Santarelli, Mayor of Fabriano. Anna Massinissa briefed the mayor situation of the 6th Lushang International Watercolour Art Festival. The mayor spoke highly of the event and expressed he is pleased to see that Lushan International Watercolour Festival team came to Fabriano for cultural exchange. Accompanied by Anna, they visited the Istocarta Fondazione Foundation Museum, Lorenzo Paper Mill and visited the studio of artist Gabriele Mazzara at his invitation.


On the following morning, Tang Liang’s 32 representative pen-drawing works were exhibited under the sponsorship of FabrianoIn Aquarella International Watercolour Society and organisation of the Moscatelli family at the Palazzo Moscatelli. Anna Massinissa introduced Milan HOAA International Group and shared her experience in attending the 6th Lushang International Watercolour Art Festival. She sincerely thanked the invitation for her and appreciated the festival in internationalisation and training of young people who love art. She also expressed her hope that Fabriano will work with HOAA and Fabriano's art and paper will be brought to the world and to China. In the afternoon, accompanied by Anna Massinissa and others, the group visited the Fabriano In Aquarella Watercolour Society and performed sketches in the city with artists from the city of Fariano. Gabriere Mazzara, Anna Massinissa, Silvia Cariani, Massimiliano Iocco who had participated in Lushan Festival also participated in this event. The next day, the group visited the Paper Museum, which was chosen to be the venue of a solo exhibition next year for Tang Liang.


On behalf of Mayor Fabriano, Ilaria Venanzoni, representative of the Department of Culture, expressed his warm welcome to the event and said that the Lushan International Watercolour Art Festival was a bridge connecting the art culture of China with Italy. During the exchange meeting, Tang Liang introduced his painting art, Milan HOAA International Group, Lushan International Watercolour Art Festival and the HOAA international team members present and demonstrated the whole process of pen-painting creation on the spot, which pushed the exchange activity to the climax, and many people even proposed to buy Tang Liang’s paintings.


During this tour, the group made a return visit for Italy Fabriano In Aquarella Watercolour Association that had participated in the 6th Lushan International Watercolour Art Festival, so that the organiser Milan HOAA International Group had more contact with watercolour artists, and further promoted the Lushan Watercolour Festival in an in-depth manner. Panning and cooperation programs for the future Lushan International Watercolour Festivals were discussed on this activity, including preliminary cooperation in watercolour supplies, HOAA’s intention to be an agent for FABRIANO's watercolour paper, Italy Fabriano In Aquarella Watercolour Association’s readiness to enter Suzhou in China’s first watercolour festival by becoming one of the co-organisers with Milan HOAA International, Southeast E Museum and other media.