Introduce the Series Column Cititias·Toast to International Design Masters Together with

When preparing for the 2017 Milan International Furniture Fair, “HOAA International” received the invitation from China’s first-class space art design and planning platform “” to jointly work on the filming of the column Citiais· Toast to International Design Masters. Regarding this cooperation, Yugong, the founder of HOAA International, said: "we will go around the world to communicate with the masters through face-to-face interview. We will also go to film and record their work scenes and make interviews, talking about their architecture, their space. We hope to appreciate all of the Pritzker Prize works carefully and in a deep-going manner.” 


From January 2017 to May 2017, in collaboration with, “HOAA International” visited seven cities, namely, London of UK, Krakow of Poland, Ljubljana of Slovenia, Vienna of Austria, Dusseldorf of Germany, Helsinki of Finland and Milan of Italy, and interviewed totally 11 masters in architecture and space design, including Patrick Scumacher, President of Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd. in the UK, Mr. Krzysztof Ingarden, founder of Ingarden & Ewy Architects, Mr. Davorin Gazvoda, Vice President of the School of Biology of University of Ljubljana, Mr. Jurij Sadar and Mr. Bostjan Vuga, two co-founders of Jurij Sadar and Vuga Architects, Mr. Mladen Jadric, founder of Austria Jadric Architects,  Mr. Joachim H. Faust, President of Germany HPP Group, Mr. Pekka Salminen, president of Finland PES Architects, Mr. Luca Fois, associate dean of School of Design of Milan Polytechnic University, Mr. Marco Piva , founder of Marco Piva Studio, Mr. Massimiliano Caviasca, Chairman of the Italian Stone Materials Association and Mr. Giorgio Morelato, Curator of the MAAM Museum of Italy. During the interview, the two parties conducted in-depth exchanges, and the visiting delegation also visited the companies and studios of the masters, and even visited and observed closely the architecture designed by masters when they introduced the city’s classic architecture to them in the mean time.


Throughout the interview, “HOAA International” also briefed the masters on the founding purpose and development direction of the group, leaving a good impression for both parties and laying a good foundation for the subsequent friendly cooperation.