Living Philosophy

Theme Interpretation:


There are three meanings for the character “宅 Zhai” in the Chinese dictionary.

As written in the “History of the Three Kingdoms·Wu book·Biography of Shi Yi”, “There was a Zhai erected nearby, Quan stepped out and saw it”. Here the Zhai means a grand house.


Whereas in the “History of the Later Han Dynasty·Biography of Feng Yan·Second part”, “Wandering the Spirit in the Zhai, resisting the routine of the enigma”, the Zhai here means the universe.


And in the “Wen Xuan·Seven Stimuli by Meicheng”, “While the Yang energy was seen between the eyebrows, climbing upward and roughly filling the whole Zhai”, the Zhai here refers to the human face.


So for Chinese people, the charm of "Zhai" lies not only in its dimension, but also in its capacity to reflect the owner’s soul and spirit.


In sum, "Zhai" is a grand house that can simultaneously enclose "heaven, earth, human and spirit." The demand for living space which is rooted in the Chinese mind, can be appreciated in the corridors and courtyards in the Forbidden City and the Grand View Garden depicted in the novel A Dream of the Red Mansions. It can also be traced in many contemporary cases of space design in China. Although influenced by different regions and different cultures, the living spaces in China and in the West differ in functional layouts and decorative methods, but there are something in common: they can not only nurture people’s lives but also nurture their wisdom. The living space is carrying the hope and future of life, that is, the core content of “ZHAI Design”.


ZHAI Design is a large-scale exhibition plan focused on living space design sponsored by Milan International Art & Design Group (HOAA). It will be launched in 2018 and will be lasting for the next three years. As the first step of this three-year plan, HOAA will present, during the 2018 Milan Design Week,Top 50 Chinese ZHAI design projects. These cases will concisely demonstrate the concepts and essences of contemporary Chinese ZHAI design. At the same time, HOAA is absorbing experiences from the world leading space design projects, that’s why Zaha Hadid Architects Studio is invited as a special guest to show their design concept of ZHAI through their latest works. In future more world-class design forces will be invited to join in a more in-depth discussion on the theme of ZHAI Design, in order to truly realize the dream of “ZHAI, nurturing the future”.

Introduction to Exhibition Contents:


1.  The top 50 Chinese mansion design projects were jointly selected by HOAA, and Xihailingxiu. These design works are based on the theme of “Design for Life Tending, Art for Growth Accompanying”, aiming to promote China's top art design and spread the achievements of oriental art design to the world, and process to the global market of mansion design. At the same time, compiled and incorporated these 50 works into two books, Global Mansion Art Design Yearbook and 2018 Mansion Art Creativity with HOAA.


2.  Design Exhibition of Zaha Hadid Architects

Main demonstration project: Lushan Garden Prince Primary School

This project is for a primary school funded by Mr. Yu Jinggan and designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. This project is located in Xihai Scenic Spot of Lushan in Jiangxi Province and is called Lushan Garden Prince Primary School. The original intention of Mr. Yu Jinggan to the construction of this project based on his multinational experience and broad mind is to create opportunities for people in his hometown to study and work. He hopes that this school can absorb western education experience and system and combine the advanced design concepts of Zaha Hadid Architects in order to allow children to be free in space, and happily grow up physically and mentally. Moreover, he hopes that this project will achieve the world's top education standards in space design, and that everything should be done to maximize the impact of space on education to revolutionize the relationship between architecture, instructors and the instructed. Then, he hopes that this school will eventually become a model school for the perfect combination of education and architecture in China.

Exhibition Areas:

540m²,Top 50 Chinese ZHAI design projects

Italian furniture brand display 

279㎡​,Zaha Hadid Studio Selected works

1400㎡​ "LIVING FILOSOPHY" Interactive art installation

Italian artist Anacleto Spazzapan's artwork

Exhibition Time:


17/04/2018—22/04/2018  9,30 AM~20,00 PM

Exhibition Location:


Milan HOAA International Exhibition Center

Via Privata Don B.Grazioli 47 , 20161



3.  Interactive art installation - 50 artworks by Italian artist Anacleto Spazzapan

Artist Anacleto Spazzapan is an Italian furniture designer and archeologist. He developed his own characteristics in the field of furniture design, a linear structure of metal combined with different welding techniques and different materials and controlled by a precise overall shape, so a perfect combination of neoclassical and postmodern styles is realized. Anacleto Spazzapan's unique design has gotten high praise of many art critics in the design community and won the Silver Award in the 2017 il premio Silver A’ Design Award.

4.  live art events

Students from Milan IED European Design Institute and Istituto Marangoni will perform 3 days of artistic creation in the HOAA outdoor display area. Activity time: 18/04/2018 9:00-18:00.